The PiaPressure Award offers original voices and emerging talent the opportunity to be developed, funded and supported by Pia Pressure and our network of award winning film makers.

Each award winning team will receive investment of up to £25,000 to make a short film, proof of concept, pilot or example film of their project to help the team towards the development of a full length feature film, TV series, or other large scale project.

All PiaPressure award winners will be become life peers, helping to select and support the next rounds of award winners. PiaPressure Award winners will also be expected to give a small amount of time to help develop new voices, female filmmakers and film makers from under-represented backgrounds.

if the script you submit is not a full feature or TV pilot you will have to demonstrate a strong case for how your project could be up scaled.

Guidelines for scripts lengths are as follows -

  • Feature film script no less than 80 pages no more than 125 pages
  • TV Pilot (Drama) - No less than 45 pages no more than 65 pages
  • TV Comedy Pilot - No less than 23 pages no more than 30 pages
  • Short / Webisode - No less than 5 pages - No more than 15 pages
  • Proof of Concept - Go wild, it can be as long or short as you like - but you’ll need to make a strong case why your project is best developed as none of the above.

Please note this is not a first time filmmakers or entry level scheme. preference will be given to filmmakers who already have a proven track record with their previous work and just need help getting to the next level. Scripts that are not fully original or are not submitted in industry standard format will not be considered. Adaptations will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and only if the rights have been fully secured.

All submissions should be for a team of at least two people. All teams must include a producer and a director, and teams must be of no more than four people. All team members must be over 18 years old.

Your team and project should be ready to go - you will need to make your project under your own steam and it must be delivered within a maximum of three months of receiving the award. You should have already thoroughly thought through how you are going to execute your project in this time frame and how your team plan on up scaling to a full size project from there.


Still think you’ve got what it takes?


Please read the terms and conditions before completing and submitting the following form before 11:59pm on june 21st 2016.

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