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The Pia Pressure Award is a private finance scheme to help emerging talent in film and television as they that next step up into fully financed feature and series production. 

Our aim is to support the development of projects at their early stages with funding, advice and access to our network of great people. We hope that we can help you get your project off the ground, and we’ll do all we can to help build your career for future success.

Submission of your application constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions, subject to contract. 

  1. Applicants may apply for funding up to a maximum of £20,000 (inclusive of VAT if applicable).

  2. Applicants may submit one project only

  3. Funding comes in the form of a loan, repayable with a premium of 50% on the loan amount only once the project succeed in finding future full production finance.

  4. If the project does receive such finance and progresses thereafter, Pia Pressure will be paid 2.5% of the net profits of any such production.

  5. The Applicants are obligated to procure the agreed remuneration and net profit share from future 3rd party productions, as well as a title credit of “in association with Pia Pressure” on such future productions.

  6. Payment of 50% of the award total will be made by Pia Pressure within two weeks from receipt of the signed contract. The remainder will be paid on delivery of the project, or at relevant production steps.

  7. You will retain 100% interest in all of its copyright and all other rights, title and interest, including but not limited to moral rights, in and to the materials and/or work produced pursuant contract, including without limitation all rights in and to the Development Materials throughout the world for the full period of copyright in such and all renewals, reversions, extensions and revivals thereof which exist or are hereafter created and thereafter insofar as possible in perpetuity throughout the world in perpetuity.

  8. All Pia Pressure award winners will benefit from becoming life peers, joining Pia Pressure’s network of award wining creatives, and will be called on to help select and support future award winners. Pia Pressure Award winners will also give a small amount of time to help develop first timers, female filmmakers, and filmmakers from under represented backgrounds.

  9. All Applicants must complete and submit applications through the web portal before the closing date of May 1st 2017.

  10. Pia Pressure except no liability for the Awardee’s activities, actions or inactions pursuant to their projects.

  11. All contracts must be signed and returned to Pia Pressure within 30 days of the Award offer being made

  12. Pia Pressure reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at our discretion, and all successful applications are subject to written contract.

Good Luck!