THE piapressure award

A PiaPressure Award offers emerging talent in film and television a unique opportunity to secure invester funding and support for their projects, and to join our network of award winning creatives.

We want to find the best new voices & emerging talent and are committed to supporting and developing work in whatever form it may take, whether a feature, a web series, a TV pilot, a short, or something we haven’t yet thought of.

Each award winning team will receive up to a maximum of £25,000 of investment to produce a proof of concept to help them make the jump to a full feature film, full television series, or work of comparable size.

If your submission is not a full feature or TV pilot script you will have to demonstrate a strong case as to how your project could be up-scaled.

All PiaPressure award winners will benefit from becoming life peers, joining PiaPressure’s network of award wining creatives, and will be called on to help select and support future award winners. PiaPressure Award winners will also give a small amount of time to help develop first timers, female filmmakers, and filmmakers from under represented backgrounds. 

Please note this is not an award for first time filmmakers. Successful applicants will be filmmakers and creatives who can demonstrate a proven track record for delivering high quality work in their respective fields.

Applications for the Pia pressure awards are now closed